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Mold Removal El Paso TX

Welcome to our page on Mold Removal El Paso TX! We will be telling you all about our company here today and we hope you get a good idea of what our company is like and what we are about.

Do you have a mold problem that you just can’t seem to shake? IT keeps coming back no matter what you do? Or keeps growing bigger and bigger? Well I am here to tell you that our company can guarantee you 100% mold free after we deal with your problem!

Our team has all the up to date and latest and greatest products and equipment. We can do everything you need for this situation and more. We can find extra mold that you may be unaware of having and get rid of it so your entire space is mold free!

Just a few of the services we provide is mold remediation, mold removal, mold specialist, mold testing, mold inspection, mold clean up and more! We can even give you a free estimate when you call.

About Mold Removal El Paso TX

Without organization there is only chaos. It is essential to have a system for everything that is done. We count on being organized and for all of our employees to stay organized too, you can’t miss a step because if you do then you get lost.

Everything has to be done just right and in a specific order. That is why we double and sometimes even triple check our job to make sure we have it going on the right path and are getting the removal done correctly.

Why Choose Mold Removal El Paso TX

Our customers really appreciate our organizational skills and that they know we will get to them when they are up next. We know that they are opening time out of their day to have us get there to fix their problem so it is important to be on time when said and if you can’t make it then find someone else to do the job that may have the time.

Just some things that we have been told by customers that they appreciate about our company a lot are:

  • Free estimate
  • Mold testing
  • Mold inspection
  • Mold removal
  • Mold remediation
  • Tips and tricks given for minor mold problems
  • We stick to the time given and do our best to be as close to on time as possible
  • We are an insured company so anyone that may need our assistance can receive it no matter what the cost may be
  • We are affordable

Our company has been around for decades and decades! We have become more improved every single year and keep up with the expectations from us. We are very experienced workers and we know what we are doing and make sure to teach the new people employed to make sure they know what they are doing as well.

You can give us a call at any time of any day and we can shoot you an estimate and give you more information over that phone if you have any questions. We are more than happy to book you an appointment for the time that is most convenient for you and if we have that opening.

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What to Expect from Mold Removal El Paso TX

As I have said above our products and equipment are all kept at a high standard and we keep it that we. We also hold our employees and our company itself to a high standard.

We do not tolerate any slackers or quitters, and if we see and hear an employee is messing around on the job and isn’t taking it seriously then they will be given a warning and if they step out of line again it leads to termination.

We expect our workers to be giving 100% every single day. We want to provide the best workers for our customers so we receive their support and so then they feel our support for them and know that we will catch them if they fall. This is a team. A family. Not a one man show.

Our customers have told us that they appreciate how serious we take the job. Mold is not something to play around with. It seems harmless because it just “sits there”, but in reality you are breathing it in and it makes your body ill of it more and more with each passing day.

After you call our company and set up an appointment we will have a worker come to your home or business. They will inspect and test your home of the mold in it and sit down with you and let you know the game plan so you know what is going on.

After they will clean and remove the mold in a very cautious manner. After that the last step is key in keeping the mold away completely. They will give you a remedy of how to keep it away so you don’t have to worry about the mold coming back again. But it will be up to you to do it.

Mold Remediation El Paso TX is what will give you that 100% guarantee of no more mold.

Services Mold Removal El Paso TX Provides

el paso mold removal

Mold Removal El Paso TX

Mold Removal companies in El Paso TX sometimes don’t bother doing the mold clean up El Paso TX part, and when in fact it is crucial to do this to make the mold isolated so you can target it and get rid of the problem completely. This isn’t a spot to cut corners. You really shouldn’t cut corners no matter what, but if you cut corners here you will miss decontaminating the area of the mold completely.

el paso mold testing

Mold Testing El Paso TX

The mold testing is so important so our team knows what we are working with and how intense the mold is. If the mold isn’t completely vulnerable and shown then they miss some when doing the mold removal process which is no good for you, because you will eventually see it yourself or smell it and have to do the process all over again.

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Mold Remediation El Paso TX

El Paso Mold Remediation is what helps keep the mold away 100%. If the remedy isn’t taken to its advantage the mold will grow back with no problem at all. You have to resolve the problem. This part is on the customers.

Our employees will inform you as to how to do it and will give you tips and tricks, but you have to decide to follow through with it.

el paso water damage

Mold Inspection El Paso TX

For this step to help improve your home situation, when our worker first comes to your home they inspect your entire home or business to search for any mold that they need to be aware of that you might not know is there.

This isn’t an extremely long process by any means, but they do like to be thorough with their work to make sure nothing is missed.

El Paso TX

El Paso is a city in El Paso County. El Paso is known as Sun City. The sales tax rate is 8.2% and the income tax rate is 0.0%. The population is 682,669. The cities surrounding El Paso TX are:

  • White Sands, NM
  • Anthony, NM
  • Las Cruces, NM
  • Socorro, TX
  • Sunland Park, NM
  • Cornudas, TX
  • Dell City, TX
  • Columbus, NM
  • And Surrounding Areas...


"When I first encountered my first mold problem I had no idea what to even do. I called the best recommended place while ending up being El Paso TX. I am so glad they did because they were so helpful! They got to my place within a half hour and started to begin the work!

They said my mold was very minor and that I could actually do it myself if I wanted, I had them do it for me so I could see how it was done. I’ve been able to use the knowledge I gained from them for a few friends that have encountered mold problems! Thanks for being so helpful!"

- Kara L.

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am, by El Paso Mold Removals customer service. I got fast service, productive service, efficient service, and worth every penny I gave. I have never met such a great team of professionals that were friendly and were also there to get the job done.

Thank you for all your help with resolving my mold problem and making my business a toxic free environment again."

- CJ D.

"I had water damage and didn’t know how to deal with the problem so it sat for a couple of days, I then decided to call and get an appointment set up with El Paso mold removal to have them help me with my problem.

They said if I waited any longer that mold would’ve started to grow in my carpet, but they got there just in time! It took 6 days to dry it all out and now everything is back to normal! Thank you for working so fast to fix my problem!"

- Emily D.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are you guys open?

We are open 24/7 for our customers convenience!

How long does it take to become certified?

Depending how severe the water damage is, usually just 3-7 days.

After they finish getting certified are they on their own?

No, they shadow someone that has been around for a while before they take hold of the ropes by themselves.

How long does it take to cut drywall out that mold is growing in?

It takes about a few hours.

Can I remove pink mold by myself in my tub?

Yes you just need to make a bleach mixture and spray it and let it sit for 5-10 minutes and scrub with a toothbrush. Then repeat a few times over.

Why is it so easy for the attic to grow mold?

It isn’t normally an easily ventilated area. You can’t have it too humid and not aired out.

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Mold Removal El Paso

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